AI driven Data Science Platform for Better Business Decisions

ExMetrix Platform

AI driven Data Science Platform for better Business Decisions.

  • production optimization,
  • forecasting,
  • trend predictions,

Our value proposition

We apply unique Big Data and Artificial Intelligence solutions in production and manufacturing industries to:

  • improve processes efficiency,
  • reduce production costs and shorten downtimes,
  • simplify warehouse and order processes,

AI powered technology

We put 20 years of experience in prediction models and optimisation into unique, SaaS product which:

  • connects internal business data with rich industry and economical databases,
  • enables to build unique AI models solving real problems,
  • shortens entire modeling process from months to hours,

Look through database

Explore databases - find quickly a desired variable. Create tailored analytic sets of data. Import own data and integrate it with economic and market data.

  • over 70 mln of data series and more
  • import own data series
  • create data groups for analysis

Analysis of interdependencies

Detect correlations and similarity among data. Identify variables which affects your processes most.

  • unique selection tools
  • correlation and no-linear correlation
  • frequency and periodicity (FFT)


Forecast significant economic, market and demographic phenomena and processes. Predict parameters of your business – demand and supply.

  • unique optimization algorithms
  • simulated annealing
  • neural networks
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