About Us

ExMetrix is the platform for modelling and forecasting:

  • Economic processes
  • Demographic processes


Integration between huge databases and complex analytical tools enable an easy and fast transfer from a vast database to a synthetically described knowledge hidden in this data. Exploring this hidden information works by using Data-mining technology. Information is described and presented using optimized mathematical models.

Analytical tools are integrated with databases:

  • Macroeconomic database
  • Quotation database
  • Demographic database
  • It is possible for ExMetrix user to use own databases

Primary Features performed by the platform

  • Searching for data in accordance with specified criteria
  • Data cleaning and transformation
  • Analysis of single time series
  • Analysis of correlations between pieces of data
  • Searching for data related to each other
  • Building and optimization of mathematical models
  • Obtaining forecasts derived from mathematical models
Compelling Relations – 5 – RUSSIA IN TROUBLE Canada strongly related to crude Compelling Relations – 6 – GOLD Natural gas follows AgJunction Inc. Compelling Relations – 2 – PKN ORLEN Compelling Relations – 1 – KGHM