Energy Market Analysis and Forecasting

Welcome to ExMetrix, where over 20 years of groundbreaking research in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence converge to revolutionize energy market analysis and forecasting. Our dedicated platform utilizes advanced, sophisticated solutions built on top of a rich repository of over 50 million time series in our databases. Powered by Neural Networks, unique simulated annealing, and fast Fourier transform algorithms, ExMetrix delivers unparalleled insights into the energy sector.

Our Comprehensive Approach

ExMetrix employs a multi-faceted approach to analyze the energy market, leveraging a diverse array of data sources and cutting-edge AI methodologies:

Production Costs from Individual Sources: Detailed analysis of production costs across various energy sources to determine economic viability and competitiveness.

Energy Mix: Examination of the energy mix to understand the contribution of different energy sources and their impact on overall energy supply.

Planned Shutdowns: Analysis of scheduled shutdowns and their implications for energy availability and market stability.

Ocean Freight and Pipeline Flows: Monitoring of ocean freight and pipeline flows to assess the movement and supply of energy commodities.

Gas Consumption: Evaluation of gas consumption patterns in households and industries to forecast demand and identify trends.

Inventory Status: Tracking inventory levels in warehouses and LNG terminals to gauge supply security and market dynamics.

Logistics and Supply: Comprehensive analysis of logistics, including supply chain disruptions and inventory management.

Weather, Geographic, and Astronomical Data: Integration of weather, geographic, and astronomical data to predict energy production and demand fluctuations.

Energy Prices: Forecasting energy prices on TGE (spot) for horizons of 7 days and 12 months.

Natural Gas Prices: Predicting natural gas prices on TTF and TGE (spot) for horizons of 10 days and 12 months.

Coal Prices: Forecasting ARA coal prices within a 10-day horizon. Projecting PSCMI fines prices over a 12-month horizon.

CO2 Emission Rights Prices: Estimating prices of CO2 emission rights for horizons of 14 days and 12 months.

Additional Energy Forecasts

Beyond market prices, ExMetrix also provides forecasts for renewable power generation and overall power demand, ensuring a comprehensive view of the energy landscape.

By combining deep domain expertise, advanced AI, and a vast database, ExMetrix stands at the forefront of energy market analysis and forecasting. Our platform empowers you with the insights needed to navigate the complexities of the energy market, optimize strategies, and make data-driven decisions for a sustainable future.

Additional Information

Our platform offers real-time collection and analysis of market data and influencing factors. This ensures our forecasting models instantly respond to new information and data, providing you with the most up-to-date insights.

In addition to the platform’s analyses and forecasts, users receive comprehensive PDF reports on energy and raw material markets, detailing the key factors shaping market conditions. These reports are provided on a regular basis and are discussed during personalized online meetings with our analysts. Each meeting is tailored to address the specific needs of individual clients.

Our analyses and forecasts incorporate a wide range of factors that influence energy markets, including:

  • Market information
  • Weather patterns
  • Renewable energy developments
  • Regulatory changes and political situations
  • Economic conditions of major global economies
  • Freight data
  • Information on power unit shutdowns

Partner with ExMetrix for cutting-edge insights and expert guidance in navigating the complexities of the energy market. Explore the future of energy.

Zużycie gazu używanego do ogrzewania w Europie w porównaniu do ilości energii wytworzonej z lądowych farm wiatrowych In 2023, Poland’s electricity consumption could be about 7 per cent lower than in 2022 W roku 2023 zużycie energii elektrycznej w Polsce może być o około 7procent niższe niż w roku 2022 By mid-2024, the availability of natural gas in Poland will be preserved Do połowy 2024 roku w Polsce dostępność gazu ziemnego będzie zachowana Power generation from renewable energy sources (RES) significantly explains the price of energy in Poland. The prior prediction of all explanatory variables stabilizes the indications of the energy price forecasting model.